Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 13 - In my bag

 I seriously have SO much stuff in my bag now that I have 2 kids. And its not so much a bag but a suitcase that spills out into the car, floor, pram, trolley and wherever else I happen to be. Other mothers out there can comiserate with me I'm sure! It usually it consists of -
nappies, bottles, wipes, sunscreen, stevies sunnies, bum cream, spare undies for Stevie, spare onesie for Bodhi, socks, dummy, rattle, food of all sorts, medical book, pads, reciepts, wallet, phone, my sunnies, keys, plastic bags, hair clips and pins, kids panadol, my panadol and of course my Camera!
Hubby refuses to get things out of it for me because its just too full and hard to find what youre after. And believe it or not, I can't go without any of this stuff...

So, this is the most interesting thing I could conjure up and its kida a selfy as well! Stevies fav Dora sunnies!

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