Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 20 - someone I love

This is a special blog for the one I love!

He works endlessly for us. Long days in hot dusty construction sites, then spends hours in traffic on the way home to his family. In his spare time (if he has any), he's constantly building and landscaping around this beautiful home he works so hard to keep for us. He is amazingly clever and can do anything he puts his hand to. I'm in awe of how he can be mechanic, welder, crane operator, excavator operator, rigger, steel fixer/ formworker, brickie, electrician and now renderer (amongst many other things).

He loves his dogs, and has absolute dedication to taking them walking each evening, beer in one hand, child in the other. When the days over and the TVs on, if hes not snuggled with one of his children on the couch, you'll be sure to find him tangled in a mass of legs and tails on the floor with his pooches.

His family commitment is to be admired. Coming from such a large and close-knit clan has really intilled these values in him. He makes extra effort to visit his family hours away when I know work and other things are playing on his mind. I thank his parents for bringing such a gorgeous man into this world and am so lucky for us to be a part of this beautiful family.

As a partner, he supports me endlessly. Especially in this new business, he has not questioned what I'm doing or how much I'm spending. He patiently listens to me ramble on and tries to understand what the hell I'm on about. And he hasn't complained when I have no dinner or clean clothes for him because I've been editing too long *yet*

And being dad. He is seriously the best father I could ever wish my children to have. He has changed more nappies, given more baths, wiped more tears and given more cuddles to these children then I could ever have imagined.

They are the luckiest kids ever.

And I am the luckiest girl to have him mine. And I think he's a bit sexy too...

Im cheating a bit, and putting one in that I took 2 years ago when he was pushing the wheel barrow around the yard. We had only just moved into our new home.
And what the hell, and I'll put another one in of him and his most recent acomplishment - the wall. Funny these 2 shots were taken in almost exactly the same spot!

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