Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Reality check

Of late I've been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at my 3 yr old. I've been told by many this is perfectly normal for tired mums with babies but it's still a horrible feeling!

Admittedly, I probably spend too much time scrolling FB first thing in the morning and last thing at night but I like to think I'm learning from it (mostly small business tips, vegan recipes and photography inspiration)
But last night I read something shook me...

It was a page set up by a father grieving for his 6 mth old daughter that had passed from a brain disease. This child was absolutely beautiful, even in her last pictures and reminded me of my 7 mth old son so much. Same length of blonde hair, cheeky smile, chubby thighs and long eyelashes. She was born 6 days before him.
The father's words absolutely tore my heart out and made me realise (again) how lucky I am to have such healthy children.

Afterwards, I woke my peacefully sleeping little man for a cuddle, with tears streaming down my face I breathed in his smell and wondered how I would cope if he were taken from me. I snuck down stairs and stole my daughter from hubby on the couch. I apologised silently for being an angry mummy of late and kissed her golden eyelashes flickering in the TV light as she fell asleep in my arms. Although she is at that age of testing my limits every minute of the day, she is the most precious thing to me.

My life was put in perspective again last night (and it was FB that did it -hmmm)

These are some shots we took playing around last week - she was in the mood to mess around with mummy in front of the camera for once!!


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