Thursday, 27 November 2014

Comparison of Cheap vs Quality Canvas Wall art - You get what you pay for

So I just thought I'd take a couple of snaps to show a comparison between the cheap canvases you can buy from major retailers and online printers, compared to the products made with love at my Professional Printer/Framer lab on the Gold Coast.

A Professional Print Lab uses genuine quality inks that will not fade and are true to colour (no yellowy or greenish tinges). They use quality thicker canvases (usually 440GSM) which ensures your artworks will last for generations (some say over 75 years!) So your children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy them just as you have.

The framing and finish is far superior to the cut and staple style on the back of inferior products - They use better timbers, hangers and screws, ropes and bump pads. They tape the neatly folded edges to perfection- and they look a whole lot nicer too.

And lastly, you will be supporting a family owned business, who actually care about the products they create (which is what you want when you've gone to the effort of paying a professional photographer to take treasured images of the most special people in your life).

If you appreciate the effort and skill that has gone into creating your portraits, it's such a waste to have it printed on a cheap inferior products.

Inferior Canvas 
exposed staples
exposed edges of canvas
thin canvas
loose thin string stapled to frame
inferior timber frame
inferior inks prone to fade
messy bumps on folded edges

Quality Pro Canvas

neat perfect folds
taped finish
quality rope and screw fittings
bumps stops on corners
quality made timber frame
quality fade resistant inks
archival thick quality canvases

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