Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Photography Tip - Creating Emotion in your images

Coming up to Mothers Day, I thought its a great opportunity for you to capture some images that have real emotion and feeling behind them. Here are some tips to do that -

1 - Location - choose a spot that you all feel comfortable and at ease. Whether that be the lounge-room, bedroom or a favourite park that you go to often.  

2 - Atmosphere - If your outdoors, think about the time of day. Sunset or Sunrise are called the 'Golden hours" for lighting reasons, but they also portray a warm and loving feeling into the image. If you're indoors, you can create a fun atmosphere by putting on some fun music and lighting some candles to make the surroundings warm and inviting.

3 - Connection - I always ask my subjects to get involved with each other. If that means piggy backing, tickling, hugging or pinching, it often brings out the real mannerisms and laughter rather than the forced smiles.

4 - Preparation - Have some questions handy that you would ask a toddler such as - What is the best thing you love about Mummy/daddy? What does your sister do that makes you laugh? What funny noises does the dog make when he's sleeping? These often get some thoughtful and beautiful expressions- you just need to be ready with finger on the shutter to capture the moment!

5 - Make the photo session and special experience. So if that means going out somewhere, doing a fun family activity such as a game or reading a book with toddlers. This will mean the photos will have memory attached to them and they will be looked back on with love.

I hope all you mummies have a wonderful day this Sunday

With love

Camilla X

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